Tips and trips

Little Curaçao

An expedition to a desert island. An inexpensive cruise on ‘The Mermaid’. This boat and its very friendly crew make sure that you can completely relax, hike, swim, snorkel or dive on Little Curaçao. You depart early in the morning and return at night. Enjoy vast sandy beaches and super blue water. You should definitely visit Little Curaçao during your stay on Curaçao.

‘Ascension’ country house

Can be visited every first Sunday of each month. Local music and art market.

Discover historic Otrobanda

One of the most striking historic areas of the Caribbean is the western part of old Willemstad: Otrobanda. Architects or art historians specialised in the traditional architecture and history of the island act as tour guides for walking tours past various beautifully restored buildings and houses. The development of the typical architectural style of Curaçao, the building materials, the way of life, and the habits of the inhabitants are presented using old pictures and maps.


In February, the Carnival takes place on Curaçao! This event is not to be missed and is a wonderful experience. Another good reason to visit Curaçao and stay at BanTopa Apartments. Contact our office for more tips.  

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